Jack London Village Glen Ellen Sonoma Historical Exhibit In the main Hallway

An intriguing and informative graphic and written display of Glen Ellen’s early history, wine making and the lives of Jack London and his wife Charmian.

The original Jack London Village in Glen Ellen.

Jack London village is a vibrant historical site that is still making history. Over the years, it saw artists and musicians, cheese mongers and jewelers, hair stylists and winemakers. The restaurants, galleries and shops now welcome visitors from around the world and the free book library is still a favorite haunt.

Jack London Village began in 1839 with the sawmill General Vallejo built at the confluence of the Asbury and Sonoma Creeks (now Aventine Restaurant) to process locally harvested redwoods. Joshua Chauvet bought the mill from Vallejo and converted it into a gristmill in 1856, and later built Glen Ellen Winery & Distillery on the property. The Pagani family kept it running until the 1960’s, even during Prohibition. In the 1940’s, Charles Pagani built the current cinderblock building to replace the stone winery, now the home of Wine Country Chocolates, Yeti Restaurant, Sculpturesite Gallery, Hopscotch Gifts & Gallery and Horatius. In 1995, the History Center was created by linking the six enormous concrete vats, originally designed to hold wine, and now housing Sculpturesite Gallery. The archives were eventually donated to the Glen Ellen Historical Society and are now on display in the central hall of the main building.